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With recreational cannabis legally available in the state, some may wonder why they should acquire a medical cannabis card for their condition. Well, there are some notable differences when purchasing cannabis products in Montana. A few of the benefits you have with a medical cannabis card are saving up to 16% on taxes, being able to purchase cannabis with higher potency, and can cultivate twice as many plants at home compared to recreational users.

Find Relief with Medical Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis is used for therapeutic purposes and often has more CBD in ratio to THC, for an improved medicinal effect for patients who suffer from chronic health conditions. Full spectrum products offer extra benefits to the patient as more cannabinoids allow the body to achieve homeostasis, for well-balanced health and stability. With recreational cannabis, most users are just looking to have a good experience while passing the time. Still, even when you enjoy recreational cannabis, there are numerous health benefits such as improved appetite, better sleep, and reduced anxiety and stress.

Kick Back and Relax with Recreational Cannabis

Whether you are looking to purchase recreational cannabis or you want to become a medical cannabis patient, Nature’s Fix has you covered for everything. We’ll help you find an appropriate doctor so you can acquire your medical cannabis card and enjoy all the benefits of having one. We’ll help you discover different products that will help you on your journey toward improved health and a life free from pain. If you enjoy cannabis for recreational purposes, we’ll help you discover some strains that will impress you! If you’re in Joliet, Fromberg, Roberts, Columbus, Park City, Edgar, Rockvale, Laurel & Billings, MT, give us a call at 406-894-0797 to learn more!

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Love this place. First it’s clean and professional. Sam and Ben are super nice guys. Great selection of Amazing products at awesome prices.


Great experience. I suffer from anxiety bad, and this was my first time going to a dispensary so I was a mess. The young man was super nice and helpful. I’ll definitely be back.

Dawn S.

Great selection and service. I highly recommend.

Larry P.

Love Natures Fix. Couldn’t say enough about their product. Love Love Love.

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